четверг, 16 сентября 2010 г.

Work = staff + execution control

All I can not finish reading the amazing book "The Art of effective management" by L. Bossidy and R. Charan, donated to the World Economic Forum, the remaining 60 pages (should sit and read less in blogs and social networks ), but inspired by different ideas I would like to introduce in the work of our department.
I see the improvement of workflow in two directions:
1. Better staff training.
2. the execution control of tasks.

At the moment we are actively working on the first item: divided into groups and blocks the entire staff, created an overall strategy learning broken down into 3 key stages, including interviews, tests and questionnaires. This seems to me a very good potential.

The second paragraph of complicated, because the seen and tested existing applets somehow I was not inspired (such as, Microsoft Project). Well I need to develop targets of program itself and work with programmers. I'm confused ..

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